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Toomai/Modded games

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PhaseIcon(Twilight).png 4
Mini 1483: Finagling of Flitter Hills
Smudger Mafia 1-Shot Ninja Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 3
Grimgroove < yessirree Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 1
beastcharizard Town Tracker Alive
Bowser < RationalMadman < Kcdaspot Mafia Goon Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 2
don_johnson Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 1
Titus < ryhx Town 1-Shot Vigilante Alive
Elyse < brjl Vanilla Townie Alive
Huntress < runnerman Mafia Traitor Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 4
Paperscraps Vanilla Townie Alive
sthar8 Vanilla Townie Alive
Feel It Vanilla Townie Alive
notreallygood Town Gunsmith Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 3
T S O Vanilla Townie Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 1
PhaseIcon(Twilight).png 7
NY175: Sycamore Scuffle
Sharpest-knife-on-tree Vanilla Townie Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 3
Cabd ← Salamence20 ← DukeC Town Even-Night Vigilante Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 1
TheAdrienC ← lifessavers Mafia 1-Shot Bulletproof Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 7
reinoe Mafia Godfather Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 2
Wake88 Town Odd-Night Vigilante Alive
Burning_TowN Vanilla Townie Alive
shaddowez ← ChriVi Vanilla Townie Alive
notscience ← Damon_Gant Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 2
Mirhawk Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 5
Not_Mafia ← I Love Fairies Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 3
Aegor Fibonacci-Night Cop Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 4
TheWayItEnds ← Scarab Mafia Goon Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 4
farside22 Town Odd-Night Doctor Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 1
Boonskiies Vanilla Townie Alive
BroodKingEXE Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 6
Juls ← Soren Vanilla Townie Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 6
Aeronaut Serial Killer Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 5
HunterSeeker Vanilla Townie Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 2
Clusk92 Vanilla Townie Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 1
BP Mafia Goon Lynched PhaseIcon(Day).png 4
Alina Vanilla Townie Killed PhaseIcon(Night).png 3