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Too Much Scum

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  • Too Much Scum
Setup Size:
  • 12
Setup Type:

Too Much Scum is an open setup game (mini normal 330) run by Kelly Chen with the following setup:

Cop headstart with two lynches per day phase.

The mafia or werewolves win if they obtain a full majority of living players, or if they make up half and at least one protown role is still alive. Everybody (except possibly the lyncher) loses if everyone is dead except for an equal number of mafia and werewolves.

If the lyncher successfully lynches his target, he exits the game, and that day has a third lynch.

The lyncher can voluntarily become protown at night. This is irreversible, and is only successful if the lyncher survives the night.

Nightkilled townies, cop, and lyncher are revealed as "not mafia/wolf" only.

Ultimately this setup was considered biased in favor of the town. A subsequent attempt at a similar setup is Jungle Republic.