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Hi visitor. My name is Tyler. Welcome to my page.

Check out the custom css that I use. Makes the font a lot bigger without zooming.

I'm currently changing my pages around to use my 7th and last tab for

pages deeper than 2 levels. EX: Tn5421/Games/Reviews is the 7th tab in Tn5421/Games.

Please bare with me while I change things around.

I blame Wgeurts for stealing my thunder :p

Curent Avatar



Age: 30

Hobby: Listening to music and playing video games

Favorite Character: Morino Yoru

Favorite Role(s): Doctor, 1-shot Vig, Roleblocker

I Hate These Role(s): Vanilla Cop, Mafia Godfather, Jester


Town Games

RachMarie: I knew had I said something it would have been obvious I was scum. The fact she was able to role block me is the only reason we went another day BTW, because I had tried to kill TN.

RedFlavor, Guns n Roses 2, M451: Now that I know about TN's profile, 6d6 game made much more sense.

Scum Games

And if I had a gun with two bullets, and I was stuck in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice.

Sakura Hana: Because you've managed to make me pissed and give me a headache all in one day.

Third Party Games

"I`m scared." "Of what?" "Of something...that is inside of me, that makes me hurt myself. I keep cutting myself, hurting myself. But I don't do it on purpose.....maybe I do. It's a good thing it doesn`t bother me.....It makes me feel alive."


<GhostFrog> bdsm is always more fun with a restraining order

penguin_alien: My life philosophy: get Cabd blamed for everything.

General Forum

Natirasha: It is apparent you value friendships highly, and I like how you can consistently check up on your friends to make sure they are okay.


See my Guestbook tab. Tn5421 (talk)