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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Hi. I am ThinkBig, a Scummer since September 11, 2016.

I started playing mafia on Unfortunately my homesite started going down hill and the owners no longer keep the site maintained. The vast majority of the players from there came to mafiascum and that is how I ended up here. I love the community here and hope to stick around.

I am semi-retired from playing though I love modding and will be around as a moderator.

My tips and playstyle

My playstyle is quite eclectic and varies from game to game. If I really get into a game that I enjoy, I can control the town and be a leader. If I don't enjoy a game, I tend to hard lurk and sometimes even flake out.

As scum I generally hard lurk, though I'm working on breaking that meta.

Know when you're not functional. I'm not functional at mafia above 9:30 pm. When the clock hits 9:30 pm, I stop.

My game limit is 1 game at a time. I find that whenever I try and play multiple games at once, I tend to focus on only one and forget about the others.

Have fun! It's only a game.

Voting pattern analysis and night kill analysis are not scummy and very effective actually. The study of them are under-rated art. You have no idea how made games saved with them alone in my life.

Favorite Players and Moderators

  • Aristophanes
  • nancy
  • mastina
  • Pine
  • TheRealGin-N-Tonic
  • Alisae
  • Realeo
  • Eddie Cane

Personal Information

Pronoun: He.

Age: 22.

Birthday: February 23.

Account created: September 11, 2016.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland. Timezone: Eastern Standard.

Occupation: Student.

Interests: Science, Reading, Math, Music, Medicine, Singing, Piano/Organ,

Real Name: David P. Neff.

Hebrew Name: Dovid Chaim ben Avraham.

Nationality: United States.

Religion: Orthodox Judaism

Notable Notes & Quotable Quotes

"I liked how TB replaced into an incredibly scummy slot and saved the game." - XnadrojX in Mini Normal 1862

"To lynch a Think Big, you gotta Think Bigger then the Think Big." - Alisae in White Flag.

Alts & Hydras


The following players are not welcome in my games either as a player or as a mod.

  • Boonskiies - For playing against his win condition in Mini Normal 1919
  • momo
  • Not_Mafia
  • TwoFace
  • Robbnva/Jake from State Farm
  • bombcat - for being an abusive troll who just wants to seek attention.