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== Mafia Accomplishments ==
Thestatusquos games, as of 2/23/07, are, in order from most recent to oldest:                   
'''Mini 404''', diablo mafia: ongoing.
'''Newbie 300''': Townie, killed night 1, loss 
'''PS2SUXZ Mafia''': Ongoing                   
'''Committee mafia''': Replaced in, ongoing.   
'''MeMeMeet Mafia''': replaced in, Scum, survived: win
'''Jungle Republic 392''': Townie, endgamed: Loss   
'''Town of suspicion''': replaced in: Cop. Killed night 2. Loss   
'''Meadow of sorrow mafia''': Church Findings: Reverend, Town Aligned; Investigation Findings:            Murderer, Criminal Aligned Game ongoing. Killed night 2. 
'''Mafia 55, yakuza''': Game ongoing, replaced out.       
'''Robotics mini 347''': game abandoned? Only coron knows. 
'''Old maid mafia''': Game ongoing.                       
'''Regular 53: mafia''', game abandoned.               
'''Two headed mafia''': Partnered with fritzler, townies: win   
'''Mini 367''': townie, endgamed: loss.                         
'''Evolution Mafia''': Replaced in: Game ongoing.             
'''Newbie 266''': Townie, survived to endgame: win.         
'''Newbie 261''': Cop, killed night one: Loss.
== Other accomplishments ==
== Other accomplishments ==

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Other accomplishments

Winner of the 2nd annual mafiascum spam off.

EON LYNCH COUNT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!