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The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is series of games run by Radja. This page will contain an overview of all games that have finished.

Episode 1

The Walking Dead: S1E1

Winners: Town

ShaneWalsh.pngBlueBloodedToffee: Shane Walsh, Town Tracker
MorganJones.pngNo Brainer: Morgan Jones, Town Friendly Neighbor
LeonBasset.pngika: Leon Basset, Town Neighbor
Week 10 - Duane Jones.pngabsinthe: Duane Jones, Vanilla Townie
Amy.PNGEspeciallyTheLies: Amy, Vanilla Townie
Rick.pngAntihero: Rick Grimes, Town 1-shot Cop

Losers: Mafia

Tommy.pnglalaladucks: Tommy, Mafia Neighbor
Brent.pngRaskolnikov: Brent, Mafia Roleblocker

Loser: Zombies

Week 6 - Jenny Jones.pngRadiantCowbells: Jenny Jones, Zombie Lyncher

Episode 2

The Walking Dead: S1E2

Winners: Town

S1E2Merle.pngSpiffeh: Merle Dixon, Town 2-shot Vigilante
S1E2Andrea.png3dicerolling: Andrea, Vanilla Townie
S1E2Glenn.pngbeeboy: Glenn Rhee, Town Watcher
S1E2Lori.pngBlueBloodedToffee: Lori Grimes, Vanilla Townie
S1E2TDog.pngPapa Zito: T-Dog, Vanilla Townie
S1E2Morales.pngNo Brainer: Morales, Vanilla Townie
S1E2Rick.pngCatDog: Rick Grimes, Vanilla Townie

Losers: Zombies

S1E2Sam.pngAntihero: Tank Zombie Sam, Zombie Busdriver
S1E2Wayne.pngdroog: Wayne Dunlap, Zombie Goon

Episode 3

The Walking Dead: S1E3

The Walking Dead Statistics


Winner Faction

Town: 2x

Loser Faction

Zombies: 2x
Mafia: 1x