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Texas Justice Mafia

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  • Texas Justice
Setup Size:
  • 16
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

Texas Justice Mafia is an Open Setup game which consists solely of a Mafia group and multiple one-shot Vigilantes . The original Texas Justice had 4 Mafia and 16 Vigilantes, and was run simultaneously on mafiascum and on the Grey Labyrinth. These games were part of a series of large Single Role games run by mith, also including NYPD Mafia and Hospital Mafia.

Texas Justice

  • 4 Mafia Goons
  • 12 One-Shot Vigs
  • Note that though the ratio is constant the exact numbers are not consistent.

Setup Broken

In both of the original games, the towns came up with breaking strategies which, while not optimally executed, resulted in town wins. On mafiascum, mathcam suggested a plan of creating a list of the players, with each player killing the next player on the list; the town wins instantly if none of the scum are next to each other, and survives to an endgame if only two are consecutive. This plan was helped by ZONEACE using his shot (and hitting scum, IS) night 1. On the GL, the town eventually settled on a plan of pairing the remaining players with shots, and hit all four scum in that way to win the game.

In July 2008, The Fonz more publicly broke the standard Texas Justice Setup, using the same pairing method but suggesting it immediately. Currently the setup is under several developments to fix the problem. The break occurs when the town pairs players up at random, no eliminate, and killing their pair. The full math determines town win percentage to be ~73% based on how many mafia are paired with their team-mates.

In determining this course of action, Fonz acknowledged that it would destroy the current Texas Justice setup for any future games:

"Now, I can see what the obvious objection here is: that's no fun. If we are going to do that, we might as well go with a random number generator, and allocate W/L based on that.

However, being part of the town requires me to do my upmost to fulfill my win condition, and i have a really hard time seeing how any other strategy can generate a higher expected town win %."

For the full math and discussion, as well as the outcome click here to see the game.

Non-broken alternatives are being discussed here.

Standard Role PMs

Mafia Goon

You are scum with X, Y, and Z. You may discuss the game at night with your partners. Each night you can either send in a kill, or choose not to kill. You win when you become the majority.

One-Shot Vigs

You are a one shot vigilante. You are sick with the bureaucracy of the day, but you only have one bullet. You have one kill you can use at night anytime in the game. After your kill, you are pretty much a plain townie. You win when all of the scum are dead.

Completed Games


Open 24 - (Town Win)
Open 51 - (Town Win)
Open 52 - (Mafia Win)
Open 82 - (Town Win)

Grey Labyrinth