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This template generates vote tables like the one below. At the moment, it is limited to five "votees" and one "no-vote" line.


| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|novotes= |novotename= }}

Each line is to consist of three parameters, seperated by pipe characters: The number of votes, the target of the votes, and the names of players who voted for that target. There are two optional named parameters: novotes, which is the number of players not voting, and novotename which is the name(s) of any player(s) not voting.


What you type What it looks like
|6|Fiasco|Guy1, Guy2, Gu3, Guy_4, GUY5, Gal6
|novotes=2|novotename=Billy, Tommy}}
Vote Count
# Target Voters
6 Fiasco Guy1, Guy2, Gu3, Guy_4, GUY5, Gal6
1 OtherGuy Fiaco
1 Alien Weirdo
1 Allen Bob
1 Lilly Allen
2 not voting Billy, Tommy