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This template is used to give a standardised formatting for role pages. It also makes it easy to connect most roles to the {{RoleParser}} system (although doing this for role modifiers and passives is more complex because the role PM wording for such roles interacts with each other). It can be used for factions, roles, and role modifiers.


| Name = the role name; omit if it matches the page name; if the page is about several roles, pick one
| Image = an image for the role, if one exists
| Align = | Align2 = | Align3 = the alignments this role is used as, most common first
| Alias = | Alias2 = | Alias3 = alternative names for this role
| Type = | Type2 = | Type3 = categories this role should be placed in
| Choice = the phase this role normally uses an active ability; omit if there isn't one
| Normal = is this Normal? either Yes or No
| InfoBoxNotes = any notes that should go in the infobox

| Box2 = should there be a second infobox? either Yes or No
| Box2Name = | Box2Image = | Box2Alias = | Box2Align = | Box2Type = | Box2Choice = | Box2Normal = as with the first infobox

| Introduction = a very short introduction to the role; will go at the top of the page
| Standard = the most common version of the role, with interactions spelled out; this is the Normal version if the role is Normal
| Variations = other versions of the role, and related roles; optional
| Use = advice to moderators
| Advice = advice to players
| See Also = links to strategy articles, etc.; related roles go in Variations; optional

| SampleModifier = an override for the modifier on the sample Role PM; use only if the default suggestion is inappropriate


For an example see Neapolitan.