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This template is used to place a box on the right side of role pages with information pertaining to the role. The box displays the following information:

  • the aliases the role may have
  • the alignment(s) of the role
  • the type of the role
  • the phase the role submits their choice, if any





the image for this role
note: this parameter is optional


the background color for this role
note: this parameter is not finalized. Accepts either a hex code (without the #) or one of the following: town, mafia, werewolf, cult, self.</nowiki>


other names commonly used for this role
roles which have more than one alias should list those aliases using the {{{alias2}}}, {{{alias3}}} parameter(s)


the faction in which this role is commonly used
roles which can be used in more than one faction should list those factions using the {{{align2}}}, {{{align3}}} parameter(s)


the most common attributes assigned to this role
roles which can be assigned multiple/dual 'types' should list those types using the {{{type2}}} parameter


the phase the role commonly submits their action, if any
roles which can submit their action in multiple/dual phases should list those phases using the {{{choice2}}} parameter


this parameter can be used to note anything else that is key to the role which is not covered in the previous parameters
note: this parameter is optional, and should only be used if necessary; the notes section is not used to describe the role, as this information should be included in the wiki page


What you type What it looks like
Alias: none
Faction: any
Role type: not defined
Choice: none
|image= T-cop.png
|alias= Seer
|align= Pro-town
|type= Investigative
|choice= Night
  • Seer
Faction: File:Faction Pro-town.png Pro-town
Role type: Role Investigative.png Investigative
Choice: Time Night.png Night
|image= T-vanilla.png
|color= {{rgb|mafia}}
|alias= Archangel
|alias2= Sorceror
|align= Pro-town
|align2= Anti-town
|type=  Protective
|type2= Investigative
|type3= Killing
|choice= Night
|choice2= Day
|notes= this is an example of notes
  • Archangel
  • Sorceror
Factions: File:Faction Pro-town.png Pro-town
File:Faction Anti-town.png Anti-town
Role types: Role Protective.png Protective
Role Investigative.png Investigative
Role Killing.png Killing
Choices: Time Night.png Night
Time Day.png Day
Notes: this is an example of notes