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The colors returned by this template are not the same as the standard predefined HTML/CSS colors.

This template returns a RGB color-code for the named color.


{{rgb| }}


The name of the desired color. Entering an RGB code without a leading # will simply pre-pend the # symbol. Entering an RGB code with a leading # symbol should not be attempted; simply enter that code directly. Doing so within this template will always result in white.


Curently, the following colors are defined.

Color Example Color Example Color Example
ltred, lred, pink   red   darkred, dred  
yellow   orange   olive  
ltblue, lblue   blue   darkblue, dblue  
ltgreen, lgreen   green   darkgreen, dgreen  
purple   indigo   violet  
cyan   teal   brown  
black   grey, gray   white  
town   mafia   werewolf  
cult   self