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This template displays a player's name and describes to that player's role in a particular game.


{{player|LyingBrian|Townie|Day 1}}


  • The first section is the player's name. It will bolded and linked. In the example below, this is "LyingBrian", which shows up as "LyingBrian". This should not be left blank.
  • The second section is the role that the player played. If left blank, it is not displayed (implying that the player's role is not yet public).
  • The third section is the location on the page where further information on a player's role can be found. It is shown in italics. If left blank, it is not displayed (implying that the player is still alive).
  • If you want the role name to link to another page (e.g. for flavor role names), use link=Page name. For example:
{{player|Erratus Apathos|Compulsive Town Doctor|link=Doctor}}
  • If the player has replaced another player, use re=replacedPlayer. For example:


What you type What it looks like
{{player|LyingBrian|Townie|Day 1}}
{{player|LyingBrian||Day 1}}
{{player||Townie|Day 1}}