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Telephone Pictionary Adventures/Chain I

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Chain I: DrippingGoofball's Chain

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

The rainbow cat drives a giant carrot with licorice wheels and lots of leaves where the exhaust pipe should be.

ChannelDelibird - Picture

Telbar I1.png

The Bulge - Phrase

Rainbow Kitty could only muster up a sad gaze when he realized that his carrot-car's wheels had been replaced with burnt cinnamon rolls.

GuyInFreezer - Picture

Telbar I2.png

ömbre - Phrase

The sad rainbow cat looks depressingly at the stopped steamy carrot cinnamon-bun-wheeled car, as he only has a hovering regular, rubber tire.

PeregrineV - Picture

Telbar I3.jpg

PiggyGal15 - Phrase

While passing a doughnut shop, the carrot-mobile ran a red light while being chased by a colourful cat driving it's tire-mobile.

Aronis - Picture

Telbar I4.jpg

Shanba - Phrase

the carrot car ignored the sideways red light at the donut store

Marquis - Picture

Telbar I5.png

BipolarChemist - Phrase

The carrot car ran the red light as the doughnut eaters watched in horror and the red car man got angry while blasting music.

Bicephalous Bob - Picture

Telbar I6.png

ArcAngel9 - Phrase

Its a busy cross road!!!

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