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Telephone Pictionary: The Ramen Years/Chain Q

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Chain Q: Kimor's Chain

Kimor - Phrase

Marvin, the Paranoid Android, goes to therapy.

izakthegoomba - Picture

Telram Q1.png

Robotnick2 - Phrase

"Sit on the red armchair, depressed robot", said the psychologist.

Kcdaspot - Picture

Telram Q2.png

ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"I'm going to turn you into a chair whether you like it or not," the balding man replied when the robot showed him a postcard.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Telram Q3.png

Xalxe - Phrase

The Minecraft players argue over the superior mob: zombies or creepers?

Thor665 - Picture

Telram Q4.jpg

RedCoyote - Phrase

Lego pirates debate about their favorite Minecraft characters.

sword_of_omens - Picture

Telram Q5.jpg

saporovirus - Phrase

One pirate pooh-poohed the other pirate's plan to kill robots by shouting, opting instead for a largely box-based plan.

N - Picture

Telram Q6.gif

Scigatt - Phrase

The two one-eyed guys described their attempts to motivate the undead golems, including yelling at them and luring them with a man-sized block of chocolate.

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