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Telephone Pictionary: The Rain In Spain/Lamebrain

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Lamebrain: petroleumjelly's Chain

petroleumjelly - Phrase

The bazaar is deserted.

chamber - Picture

Lamebrain 1.png

bubbajack8 - Phrase

I walked down an Egyptian corridor and found myself at a crossroads.

StrangerCoug - Picture

Lamebrain 2.png

Cheery Dog - Phrase

The hieroglyphics around the museum walls which kept repeating eye sphrinx pyramid gave me an awful headache.

Mastermind of Sin - Picture

Lamebrain 3.png

SalmonellaDreams - Phrase

The man in the museum was confused by the repetitive hieroglyphics.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Lamebrain 4.jpg

JacobSavage - Phrase

The fake egyptologist was discovered after they found he could not read hieroglyphs

Empking - Picture

Lamebrain 5.png

Ether - Phrase

The archaeologist suddenly realized he'd never been certified to read hieroglyphics.

Equinox - Picture

Lamebrain 6.jpg

patzer - Phrase

The boy doesn't understand hieroglyphs.

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