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Telephone Pictionary: The Mandate of Heaven/Chain E

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Chain E: Equinox's Chain

Equinox - Phrase

Papers, please.

ZZZX - Picture

Teleia E1.png

petroleumjelly - Phrase

His paper flew off into the sky.

Shanba - Picture

Teleia E2.png

The Bulge - Phrase

Not even my third arm could help me catch my homework, picked up by the wind.

Marquis - Picture

Teleia E3.png

Jackel98 - Phrase

The old, topless man's sternum reached for the sad, ancient piece of paper while two brown children watched.

Bins - Picture

Teleia E4.jpg

EspeciallyTheLies - Phrase

Old Donnie Darko about to steal a burnt poptart's soul while the kids watch.

Jingle - Picture

Teleia E5.png

Magua - Phrase

The children are unhappy with Death's deal that they can live forever, but only if they never put jam on toast.

BipolarChemist - Picture

Teleia E6.png

Kaboose - Phrase

Death says "If you don't want to die, don't put bubble gum on shirts."

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