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Telephone Pictionary: Sweet & Sour Grapes/Chain T

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Chain T: Quilford's Chain

Quilford - Phrase

The car enjoys being driven.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Apptel T1.jpg

crywolf20084 - Phrase

The red car was on a happy adventure!

Equinox - Picture

Apptel T2.jpg

Shanba - Phrase

The little red explorer car crossed the river

Axxle - Picture

Apptel T3.jpg

petroleumjelly - Phrase

The river flowed under the bridge while the car drove over it.

YurikoJasmine - Picture

Apptel T4.jpg

Techno Elf - Phrase

The red car races along the river road

Cheery Dog - Picture

Apptel T5.png

CuddlyCaucasian - Phrase

Rainbow road is now painted black and converted into a bridge for red minivans.

xtopherusD - Picture

Apptel T6.png

JacobSavage - Phrase

The cars line up at the start of the Rainbow Road

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