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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain T

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Chain T: Klick's chain

Klick - Phrase

The Scummers and Tigers settled their dispute once and for all through a drunken game of Cards Against Humanity.

Radja - Picture


Felissan - Phrase

The poison-drinking men and tabby cats can read a line from the Great Tablet in the Sky on their phones.

Cheery Dog - Picture


GuyInFreezer - Phrase

Two bandits are trading with three cat masks under a giant green hairy pill.

Equinox - Picture


Iprobablysuck - Phrase

The fat hairy ninjas sling faceless cat heads at each other under the demand of the hairy wii-fit board.

McMenno - Picture


Flameaxe - Phrase

These ninja spiders are dicks, they covered my wii fit board in pubes!

StaplerTowel - Picture


xofelf - Phrase

The man is livid that the spiders are hitting a spider pinata and getting candy all over his WiiFit controller.

Annadog40 - Picture


PiggyGal15 - Phrase

As disasters are happening in America, John Egbert looked through the viewfinder of SBURB to see ectobiology gone wrong as four black spiders poke two purple mice with a stick.

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