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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain J

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Chain J: GuyInFreezer's chain

GuyInFreezer - Phrase

In the end, the only person you can change is yourself.

McMenno - Picture


Haschel Cedricson - Phrase

In order to win the race, Kevin knew he had to become a more well-rounded individual and get rid of his diamonds.

Annadog40 - Picture


Klick - Phrase

Cinderella reveals her double life as a Transformer when she takes off down a racetrack in hot pursuit of a green M&M who has sprouted limbs and is puking diamonds.

Iprobablysuck - Picture


Shadoweh - Phrase

The angry king confronted the spike shooting pac man on the street.

Radja - Picture


StaplerTowel - Phrase

A Bart Simpson cosplayer somehow finds himself in the middle of the road, in a swordfight with evil spine-shooting Pac-men.

Flameaxe - Picture


ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Phrase

On the great white road Bart Simspon hoisted his katana to fend off an attack from the enraged Pac Man.

Cheery Dog - Picture


Jopalopa - Phrase

Bart Simpson uses a knife to defend himself from Pac-Man.

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