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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain F

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Chain F: Cheery Dog's chain

Cheery Dog - Phrase

A self-blending blender.

xofelf - Picture


StaplerTowel - Phrase

For daring to break the masquerade between humans and appliances, the Animated Blender was sentenced to be blended by its own kind as a cruel reminder of its ironic hell.

Shadoweh - Picture


Annadog40 - Phrase

The zipper pocket kid loves a lady but the zipper pocket dad does not approve.

Radja - Picture


Aronis - Phrase

CuddlyCaucasian loves people shorter than him and dislikes people taller than him.

Jopalopa - Picture


StrangerCoug - Phrase

On a planet of unusually tall people with equally unusually tall heads, the girl loves the man shorter than her and hates the man taller than her.

Equinox - Picture


race2nowhere - Phrase

Three green people play with a purple jump rope; one receives a heart from a floating banana, while the other two play catch with a pair of kidneys.

Iprobablysuck - Picture


Haschel Cedricson - Phrase

The tug-of-war contest was interrupted by globs of bodily fluids falling from the sky.

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