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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain C

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Chain C: Felissan's chain

Felissan - Phrase

Waldo's waiting for his friends to pick him up at the airport, but they just can't find him.

xofelf - Picture


Cheery Dog - Phrase

Carmen Santiago and Waldo are lost at Gate 6 of the airport.

StaplerTowel - Picture


Haschel Cedricson - Phrase

After a lifetime of being difficult to find themselves, Waldo and Carmen Sandiego ironically found themselves unable to find their departure gate.

Save The Dragons - Picture


StrangerCoug - Phrase

Waldo and Carmen Sandiego were looking for gate 4 at the airport, but couldn't find it and got lost at gate 3.

ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Picture


Iprobablysuck - Phrase

Carmen Sandiego and Waldo missed their number 4 flight.

Shadoweh - Picture


PiggyGal15 - Phrase

Carmen Sandiego and the 'Where's Waldo' Waldo are seen holding briefcases with the number 4 while walking away from the #4 plane that's currently taking off.

Flameaxe - Picture


GuyInFreezer - Phrase

A hobo with red shirt and a dude with a red striped shirt are holding No. 4 bag to the plane number 4.

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