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Telephone Pictionary: Lost in Translation

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Telephone Pictionary: Lost in Translation is a game run by Ether around late 2015 and very early 2016. This is more complicated to type out than just running games at the beginning of the month, but less awkward than lots of Telephone Pictionary sentences I could name.

What is Telephone Pictionary?

It's sort of like EPYC, but presumably with less poop-eating.

The Chains

A. ChannelDelibird's Chain
B. ForWhomTheJellyRolls's Chain
C. Jopalopa's Chain
D. MattP's Chain
E. Plotinus's Chain
F. DrippingGoofball's Chain
G. lilith2013's Chain
H. Cheetory6's Chain
I. lalaladucks's Chain
J. Cheery Dog's Chain
K. notachipmunk's Chain
L. N's Chain
M. concvex's Chain
N. Natirasha's Chain
O. Marquis's Chain
P. StrangerCoug's Chain
Q. Axxle's Chain
R. insanity018's Chain
S. DiamondSentinel's Chain
T. Mina's Chain