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Telephone Pictionary: Journey of a Thousand Words

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Telephone Pictionary: Journey of a Thousand Words is a game of Telephone Pictionary run by Ether in March 2018. It turns out that even a single picture is worth a whole lot of those things, and this game had a bigger playerlist than usual. That means this game is worth approximately 138,000 words, which is well over two NaNoWriMos. Or something.

The Player List

The Chains

A. Shaziro's Chain
B. KittyMo's Chain
C. Clumsy's Chain
D. ConManMick's Chain
E. Felissan's Chain
F. McMenno's Chain
G. DeathRowKitty's Chain
H. Who's Chain
I. schadd_'s Chain
J. notachipmunk's Chain
K. Vijarada's Chain
L. Creature's Chain
M. GuyInFreezer's Chain
N. Annadog40's Chain
O. Iprobablysuck's Chain
P. Katyusha's Chain
Q. Cheery Dog's Chain
R. StrangerCoug's Chain
S. Ranmaru's Chain
T. Bellaphant's Chain
U. Cheetory6's Chain
V. MortFeld's Chain
W. RadiantCowbells's Chain