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Telephone Pictionary: International Calling Plan/Chain R

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Chain R: N's Chain

N - Phrase

In secret, Voldemort enjoyed playing with kittens and puppies.

xtopherusD - Picture

Teleplan R1.png

Jal - Phrase

Lord Voldemort happily teaches his minion kittens and puppies how to be cute.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Teleplan R2.jpg

Ether - Phrase

Cats and dogs LOVE it when Voldemort gets in one of those moods of his.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Teleplan R3.png

Scigatt - Phrase

The keeper of the multicoloured cords of fate, no matter how ugly or scary, is loved by cats and dogs everywhere.

PiggyGal15 - Picture

Teleplan R4.jpg

sword_of_omens - Phrase

the undead Voodoo Priest calls forth a magnificent storm of streamers to make the animals worship him.

Empking - Picture

Teleplan R5.png

Tazaro - Phrase

A vortex spits out ribbons above a farm.

Nobody Special - Picture

Teleplan R6.png

Mastermind of Sin - Phrase

The squadron of alien space probes descended from their portal onto the unsuspecting farm below.

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