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Telephone Pictionary: International Calling Plan/Chain Q

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Chain Q: Tazaro's Chain

Tazaro - Phrase

After stealing the block of cheese from the royal fox, the old guy gets sentenced to jail time and he shares a cell with a fat hound.

Ether - Picture

Teleplan Q1.png

izakthegoomba - Phrase

The elderly man, locked up in a prison cell with a brown bear, regretted stealing a lump of cheese from the fox princess.

Tierce - Picture

Teleplan Q2.png

JacobSavage - Phrase

Man locked in Bear Cage because he stole the foxy Princesses cake

patzer - Picture

Teleplan Q3.png

Nobody Special - Phrase

My punishment for feeding the zoo animals was to be caged with the bears.

Drench - Picture

Teleplan Q4.png

Cheery Dog - Phrase

This bear cage experience would be more fun if I could feed chicken to the bear.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Teleplan Q5.jpg

Empking - Phrase

The angry bear has poor test results; also a chicken.

ChannelDelibird - Picture

Teleplan Q6.png

PiggyGal15 - Phrase

The badger was mad at the chicken for getting a D- on his paper.

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