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Telephone Pictionary: International Calling Plan/Chain P

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Chain P: patzer's Chain

patzer - Phrase

Seventeen elephants are playing chess on the Moon.

Nobody Special - Picture

Teleplan P1.png

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

As you can see, on the barren planet Stardust, the aliens have evolved and adapted to a life of snorting cocaine.

animorpherv1 - Picture

Teleplan P2.png

Jal - Phrase

The drunk alien passes out in his own vomit on the table, in a room featuring a view of Mars

PiggyGal15 - Picture

Teleplan P3.jpg

Drench - Phrase

The alien, inebriated to the point of vomiting, lies sleeping under the Martian sky.

JacobSavage - Picture

Teleplan P4.jpg

Empking - Phrase

Curiosity watched the hungover slug.

ChannelDelibird - Picture

Teleplan P5.png

sword_of_omens - Phrase

Han Solo was surprised to see that Jabba's the Hut's dwarf cousin (Jibba) had gotten so drunk that he pissed himself.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Teleplan P6.png

Ether - Phrase

This pale alcoholic Mr. T slug startles and confuses me!

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