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Telephone Pictionary: International Calling Plan/Chain C

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Chain C: Ether's Chain

Ether - Phrase

Does the northern ice dragon ever feel lonely?

Cheery Dog - Picture

Teleplan C1.png

animorpherv1 - Phrase

Demon Dragons don't breath fire.

Nobody Special - Picture

Teleplan C2.png

Drench - Phrase

The green twin mirrored dragons remain despondent, as they are not allowed to breathe fire.

izakthegoomba - Picture

Teleplan C3.png

N - Phrase

Two dragons look at each other and think about how the lack of fire is making them sad.

xtopherusD - Picture

Teleplan C4.png

ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"Bring it, purple," thought the green dragon as they squared up. "I get cranky if I go long enough without roasting anyone."

JacobSavage - Picture

Teleplan C5.jpg

PiggyGal15 - Phrase

The green dragon talks to the purple dragon about fire.

patzer - Picture

Teleplan C6.png

Jal - Phrase

The green and purple dragon were having a good chuckle over the possibility of fire-breathing dragons.

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