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Telephone Pictionary: International Calling Plan/Chain A

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Chain A: sword_of_omens's Chain

sword_of_omens - Phrase

The girl was happily making a sandwich, when "FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!"

Empking - Picture

Teleplan A1.png

patzer - Phrase

A red-haired alien man is surprised that a blonde woman in a dress is singing while cooking near a glass with a blue bean in it.

Ether - Picture

Teleplan A2.png

Nobody Special - Phrase

Britney Spears shocks the alien by making breakfast while singing.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Teleplan A3.jpg

Tazaro - Phrase

A green alien popped up and scared a woman who was frying eggs.

animorpherv1 - Picture

Teleplan A4.png

N - Phrase

The politest thing to do with any surprise alien visitor is to fry an egg and serve it to them at the kitchen table.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Teleplan A5.png

Drench - Phrase

Aha! A green monster at the door - I must cook and feed the poor thing some eggs, while bowing, of course.

PiggyGal15 - Picture

Teleplan A6.png

Scigatt - Phrase

John was worried that taking in the sad furry green blob would lead to the blob eating all his fried eggs.

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