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Telephone Pictionary: Gourmet Edition/Chain D

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Chain D: Empking's Chain

Empking - Phrase

The mime shot the clown with his umbrella gun.

izakthegoomba - Picture

Telcat D1.png

Equinox - Phrase

Charlie Chaplin became confused when the tip of his umbrella was lodged in horrordude0215's head.

Axxle - Picture

Telcat D2.jpg

Robotnick2 - Phrase

Morpheus, in a bowler hat
Points with an umbrella at
A poster of Santa, and asks, "What's that?"

DarkLightA - Picture

Telcat D3.png

Cheery Dog - Phrase

The Umbrella Mafia's next target was Santa Claus.

RedCoyote - Picture

Telcat D4.jpg

Fujiko - Phrase

One gangster mugged Santa Claus while the other held up an umbrella.

saporovirus - Picture

Telcat D5.jpg

UberNinja - Phrase

Santa Claus gets mugged by dapper 30's mobsters, one of which is a zombie with a sad rainbow umbrella and a five o'clock shadow.

sword_of_omens - Picture

Telcat D6.jpg

StrangerCoug - Phrase

The Mafia killed Santa Claus, who had put up a good fight with one of the killers.

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