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Telephone Pictionary: Draconian Law/Chain N

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Chain N: Not_Mafia's Chain

Not_Mafia - Phrase

Chopping kale with a raging fire behind me

Jackel98 - Picture

Telgon N1.png

The Bulge - Phrase

Suburban McNugget is too occupied grilling peppers to be bothered by the out-of-control backyard bonfire.

ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Picture

Telgon N2.jpg

Save The Dragons - Phrase

In my purple housed neighborhood I cannot light the barbeque but my giant bonfire sends smoke into the sky.

N - Picture

Telgon N3.png

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

The burning marshmallow turned away from the bonfire, towards the barbecue.

Bins - Picture

Telgon N4.jpg

StrangerCoug - Phrase

The smoky grill is talking to the marshmallow coming from the open fire, who is happy to be roasted by it.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Telgon N5.png

DeathRowKitty - Phrase

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything to the roasting purple marshmallow that has a face.

Bellaphant - Picture

Telgon N6.jpg

Marquis - Phrase

It's only when she dreams of war that the roasting ham begins to weep.

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