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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain S

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Chain S: caledfwitch's Chain

caledfwitch - Phrase

i like shorts! they're comfy and easy to wear!

Cheery Dog - Picture


Chickadee - Phrase

Man thinks about how many pairs of pants he owns

Iprobablysuck - Picture


Ether - Phrase

I sit in my chair and try to stop thinking about Hebrew.

McMenno - Picture


xofelf - Phrase

The man in the chair was dreaming about the alphabet and Israel.

NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Picture


schadd_ - Phrase

in my dreams i try to piece together what hebrew is

logan5123 - Picture


chamber - Phrase

I dream of confusion

Farren - Picture


PanzerJager - Phrase

Adidas (All Night I Dream About Surrealism).

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