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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain Q

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Chain Q: Cheery Dog's Chain

Cheery Dog - Phrase

The axolotl starship was shocking the wheatfield of Atlantis with a cosmic scandal.

xofelf - Picture


VashtaNeurotic - Phrase

The head of Barney the dinosaur has been attached to 6 hairy tentacles and two average length arms and hands as it attacks the underwater castle with blue lightning.

Ether - Picture


Knightmare491 - Phrase

Sea monster destroys underwater castle with lightning.

Not_Mafia - Picture


schadd_ - Phrase

rayquaza is breaking the castle with lightning

SleepyKrew - Picture


enomis - Phrase

Rayquaza Used Thunder while flying at the top of sky pillar and caused a crack in sky pillar.

Iprobablysuck - Picture


NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Phrase

Rayquaza attempts to shock a cardboard box open.

caledfwitch - Picture


CaptainMeme - Phrase

Rayquaza electrocutes a box

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