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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain P

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Chain P: N's Chain

N - Phrase

I've been in isolation so long I've forgotten what day it is.

schadd_ - Picture


Iprobablysuck - Phrase

I sit here in quarantine, no idea what day it is, with COVID sadly looking in

McMenno - Picture


NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Phrase

A man chooses to look at a television with a sad face instead of going out the window and into the great unknown.

SleepyKrew - Picture


PanzerJager - Phrase

Sad man watches tv while being watched by the space mystery

Not_mafia - Picture


Knightmare491 - Phrase

Aliens are spying on us.

VashtaNeurotic - Picture


enomis - Phrase

Two green aliens with black tophat are sitting on a bench watching two person(One with red headband,one with yellow headband) sumo wrestle on a field.

caledfwitch - Picture


logan5123 - Phrase

"Two alien lovers watch a sumo match."

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