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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain N

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Chain N: Farren's Chain

Farren - Phrase

The dish towels reign supreme among the lesser beasts of the kitchen.

NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Picture


Espeonage - Phrase

Evil napkins exert dominance over the restaurant table, the crockery must live on the floor.

enomis - Picture


caledfwitch - Phrase

fast food napkins declare terf war on disposable utensils

Panzerjager - Picture


VashtaNeurotic - Phrase

Get some rest so you aren't stressed before supper.

Ether - Picture


N - Phrase

Is it weird that by the time I'd finished making my bed my dinner was already going cold?

McMenno - Picture


SleepyKrew - Phrase

please help me my hip is stuck to the massage table and my arm is being absorbed by some sort of floating alien technology actually don't help me this is fine

Cheery Dog - Picture


Chickadee - Phrase

Man throws water and laughs in the face of spooky ghost skull in his bedroom

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