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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain J

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Chain J: Knightmare491's Chain

Knightmare491 - Phrase

Welcome to San Andreas, fool.

Not_Mafia - Picture


Cheery Dog - Phrase

As they walked under the bridge, they saw they had entered Jester town.

xofelf - Picture


Panzerjager - Phrase

The joker invites dudes to the circus

CaptainMeme - Picture


caledfwitch - Phrase

joker comes out of the circus tent to give cards to his excited guests

Farren - Picture


NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Phrase

A giant clown is raining cards on a person and their kids.

SleepyKrew - Picture


VashtaNeurotic - Phrase

The giant clown head favored the 4 of hearts above all other cards, for the person who offered it was the tallest of all.

McMenno - Picture


N - Phrase

Clowns give better Valentine's Day cards to taller people.

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