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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain H

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Chain H: Chickadee's Chain

Chickadee - Phrase

Smokey the Bear secretly started the fires.

enomis - Picture


logan5123 - Phrase

"Smokey the Bear lighting a tree on fire; How ironic!"

caledfwitch - Picture


SleepyKrew - Phrase

I wonder what it would look like if Smokey Bear set a tree on fire while holding a shovel?

N - Picture


NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Phrase

I think that bear in human clothes started the forest fire.

chamber - Picture


Ether - Phrase

Officer, I swear I didn't start that fire! It was Smokey the Bear!

Panzerjager - Picture


schadd_ - Phrase

the fire wasn't started by cops or civilians, it was smokey bear

Not_Mafia - Picture


Espeonage - Phrase

Only Goblins may be at the bonfire; No nurses, and no humans.

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