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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain F

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Chain F: Iprobablysuck's Chain

Iprobablysuck - Phrase

Despite the promise of encouragement, the male cheerleader team did little to help me as I was eaten alive by a tiger.

McMenno - Picture


SleepyKrew - Phrase

The three warriors bravely fight the beast with their harpoons, ignoring the growing cracks in their helmets.

schadd_ - Picture


N - Phrase

"My body, my choice to install semi-automatic weapons where my kidneys should be!" shouted the neckless giant at the knights chasing it with grappling hooks.

Chickadee - Picture


logan5123 - Phrase

"Three knights face up to a giant; he screams "Look at my guns!" while the knights point to him in awe."

enomis - Picture


Farren - Phrase

"Look at my guns!" bellowed the giant; the knights were suitably impressed.

Espeonage - Picture


Panzerjager - Phrase

You must be the star of the gun show. Deus vult!

CaptainMeme - Picture


NotAJumbleOfNumbers - Phrase

The knight's the star of the show by showing off his muscles.

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