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Telephone Pictionary: Colourcopia/Chain B

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Chain B: Ether's Chain

Ether - Phrase

I just wanted a plastic cup of orange juice unceremoniously left out overnight.

VashtaNeurotic - Picture


xofelf - Phrase

This beer pong dance party is not tolerated from dusk til dawn, please choose another time.

Cheery Dog - Picture


Not_Mafia - Phrase

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars

Knightmare491 - Picture


Farren - Phrase

Shoot for the moon and maybe you'll reach the stars - if you can figure out how.

Espeonage - Picture


Chickadee - Phrase

Man gets shot out of cannon at night but doesn't know where he's going

enomis - Picture


Iprobablysuck - Phrase

Getting shot of a cannon leaves one uncertain if they will land in in France, the woods, or a pond

N - Picture


schadd_ - Phrase

hon hon hon, it seems that you have accídentallieux shot me into ze forést

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