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Telephone Pictionary: Chain Dance/Chain Q

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Chain Q: Cheetory6's Chain

Cheetory6 - Phrase

I cannot stop eating meat really hard oh god it is so hard the meat it is hard why is the meat so hard

Cheery Dog - Picture

Tello Q1.png

notachipmunk - Phrase

Eating tons of meat made the boy's tooth fall out.

schadd_ - Picture

Tello Q2.png

lalaladucks - Phrase

He excitedly devoured a leg of ham, several salmon fillets, and a roast turkey, only to discover once finished that he’d lost a tooth in the process.

RadiantCowbells - Picture

Tello Q3.png

Haschel Cedricson - Phrase

If you set the timer for only three minutes, then the triangle will radiate heat and roast that chicken on the table.

VashtaNeurotic - Picture

Tello Q4.jpg

xofelf - Phrase

The Ominous Prism stared at the clock waiting for 3:00.00 to hit, soon it would be turkey time.

xyzzy - Picture

Tello Q5.png

CaptainMeme - Phrase

Diamond thinks 3 o clock is Turkey Time

GuyInFreezer - Picture

Tello Q6.png

MaryJoLisa - Phrase

At exactly 3 o'clock every day, this diamond dreams of chicken. Perhaps it too can grow into a big, strong chicken one day.

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