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Telephone Pictionary: Carrier Pigeon Edition/Chain O

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Chain O: ArcAngel9's Chain

ArcAngel9 - Phrase

An angel riding bike on a moving train which has giant wings and flying over mount Everest

ChannelDeliBird - Picture

Telepidg O1.png

patzer - Phrase

The angel is cycling on the flying train.

mallowgeno - Picture

Telepidg O2.png

Nobody Special - Phrase

The circus train with the magical smoke carried the angel and a bicycle eastwar

Cheery Dog - Picture

Telepidg O3.png

Tazaro  - Phrase

The angel left his bike on a pathway that ran through grass and positioned himself near a train that had a bear and lion painted on the caboose.

Ether - Picture

Telepidg O4.png

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

Saint Lance Armstrong descended to Earth from the heavens on his holy bicycle watch trains go by.

Mastermind of Sin - Picture

Telepidg O5.png

UberNinja - Phrase

Mr. Stick Man flew a bicycle out of the cloudy sun onto the top of a speeding locomotive train.

Fujiko - Picture

Telepidg O6.png

Mist7676 - Phrase

The plan for jumping on top of the runaway train from my bike, worked.

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