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Telephone Pictionary: Business As Usual/Chain S

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Chain S: caledfwitch's Chain

caledfwitch - Phrase

this is the trash can. feel free to visit it any time

Shanba - Picture

Telbus S1.png

KittyMo - Phrase

The hero(ine?) investigates the kitchen with a really tall sink and a significant trash can; a skeleton rambles.

N - Picture

Telbus S2.png

Ether - Phrase

The detective found the victim's skeletal remains in the kitchen, still upright and talking.

Bins - Picture

Telbus S3.png

Thestatusquo - Phrase

Sherlock holmes was shocked to find that the skeleton could talk.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Telbus S4.png

Marquis - Phrase

zoom in on skeleton talking shit

The Bulge - Picture

Telbus S5.png

Jopalopa - Phrase

The creature is nothing but big, black eyes, a big, black nose, and an unseen mouth that spouts excrement.

RadiantCowbells - Picture

Telbus S6.png

Radja - Phrase

The pile of poo in the corner of the room sent a reflection of a one-legged puppet while the walls watched as a flying scorpion hovered above it.

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