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Telephone Pictionary: Business As Usual/Chain J

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Chain J: ChannelDelibird's Chain

ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"General, sir, the sharks... they... now they have legs!"

DiamondSentinel - Picture

Telbus J1.png

KickAssAndGiggle - Phrase

Just saying "sharks with fricking lasers on their heads" really annoys Dr Evil.

Thestatusquo - Picture

Telbus J2.png

KittyMo - Phrase

The bald man is displeased by the pink alien blobfish's tale of a shark with freakin' laserbeams coming from its forehead.

Ether - Picture

Telbus J3.png

N - Phrase

This blob of floating fat with a face says it's a shark that shoot lasers from its forehead and I am not impressed.

Marquis - Picture

Telbus J4.png

TheBulge - Phrase

The angel blobfish told me about the time the shark's chastity belt exploded into streamers and confetti, but I had already heard that story.

CheeryDog - Picture

Telbus J5.png

Bins - Phrase

The Angel Potato granted the pile of hair's wish by turning the shark into a harmless piñata.

caledfwitch - Picture

Telbus J6.png

Smeagol - Phrase

"The clump of pubic hair watched in astonishment how the potato angel turned the shark into a rainbow pony."

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