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Telephone Pictionary: Business As Usual/Chain F

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Chain F: Jopalopa's Chain

Jopalopa - Phrase

When the crop circles started appearing, only the rabbits knew the horrifying truth.

Thestatusquo - Picture

Telbus F1.jpg

The Bulge - Phrase

The woodland creatures couldn't bare to watch when the massive broken gyroscope was carelessly dumped on the side of the road.

KickAssAndGiggle - Picture

Telbus F2.png

DiamondSentinel - Phrase

A pink cat and an orange tabby, having lived underground for years, must squint their eyes at the sunlight.

KittyMo - Picture

Telbus F3.png

Shanba - Phrase

The pink cat and the tabby cat went under the tunnel, and when they emerged three years later they had trouble adjusting to the light.

RadiantCowbells - Picture

Telbus F4.png

Cheery Dog - Phrase

The Black and Pink cats crept out of the cave towards the sunlight.

caledfwitch - Picture

Telbus F5.png

Ether - Phrase

Black Cat is desperate to escape to the surface world, but Purple Cat is staying riiiiiiiiiiight here.

Radja - Picture

Telbus F6.png

mykonian - Phrase

The pink panther was joined in his cave by his cousin.

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