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Telephone Pictionary: Business As Usual/Chain C

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Chain C: Thestatusquo's Chain

Thestatusquo - Phrase

"On the other hand, at least we have these nice corpses!"

Jopalopa - Picture

Telbus C1.png

Mina - Phrase

The three corpses made one person happy and the other one sad.

Marquis - Picture

Telbus C2.png

Bellaphant - Phrase

The red ninja alien-frog was super angry that his green counterpart had gone on a killing spree of a shark and other coloured aliens, but the green's smile suggested he was less than upset.

Shanba - Picture

Telbus C3.png

KickAssAndGiggle - Phrase

The red ninja alien and the green ninja alien wearing a long green scarf killed the blue octopus alien, the yellow octopus alien and the grey space shark.

TheBulge - Picture

Telbus C4.png

Radja - Phrase

Swimming in the ocean, the green ninja alien throws a ninja star at a a shark, while the red ninja alien stands on the beach looking over the corpses of 2 octopusses, both ninja starred to death.

KittyMo - Picture

Telbus C5.png

Antihero - Phrase

After the ninja aliens killed the octopi with shurikens, they chased the shark.

Bins - Picture

Telbus C6.jpg

lilith2013 - Phrase

Octopus alien ninja defeated shark alien ninja.

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