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Telephone Pictionary: Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Chain S

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Chain S: Empking's Chain

Empking - Phrase

Happy Hanukkah

Scigatt - Picture

Telnet S1.png

Drench - Phrase

The singular urine sample shocked and amused everyone when it proved to have the power of time manipulation.

sword_of_omens - Picture

Telnet S2.jpg

Antagon - Phrase

When the man takes a yellow potion to reverse aging, the crowd of disembodied faces cheers.

izakthegoomba - Picture

Telnet S3.png

xtopherusD - Phrase

Try this new 'Potion of Hair Relocation & Recoloration' and everyone here will be much happier!

Techno Elf - Picture

Telnet S4.png

saulres - Phrase

She explained to the project's sponsor, "As you can see, the hair restoration formula doesn't quite work as expected..."

TurtleFail - Picture

Telnet S5.png

Tierce - Phrase

At the table, the woman tells the man the unbelievable tale of the elixir that stimulates hair growth.

StrangerCoug - Picture

Telnet S6.png

Greymantleish - Phrase

The old woman tells her husband to drink a potion of dubious origin to make his hair grow long and beautiful.

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