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Telephone Pictionary: Asynchronous Transfer Mode

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Telephone Pictionary: Asynchronous Transfer Mode was a Mish Mash game run in January 2013, hosted by Ether. It featured the same heavy deadlines as the previous three Telephone Pictionary games, but put each of the 20 players on an independent timer and let faster players skip ahead. It ended in under three weeks, with the first chains appearing on the wiki within two.

14 months later, it won the scummie award for Best Mish Mash Game 2013.

What is Telephone Pictionary?

It's sort of like EPYC, but presumably with less poop-eating.

The Player List

The Chains

A. Tierce's Chain
B. StrangerCoug's Chain
C. Scigatt's Chain
D. Om of the Nom's Chain
E. PiggyGal15's Chain
F. saporovirus's Chain
G. DrippingGoofball's Chain
H. Xalxe's Chain
I. Techno Elf's Chain
J. Greymantleish's Chain
K. saulres's Chain
L. Nexus's Chain
M. sword_of_omens's Chain
N. xtopherusD's Chain
O. Antagon's Chain
P. TurtleFail's Chain
Q. Drench's Chain
R. izakthegoomba's Chain
S. Empking's Chain
T. xRECKONERx's Chain