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Team Mafia (2020)

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The fifth season of Team Mafia was hosted by a moderation team of List Mods and ran between January 2, 2020 and March 20, 2020. You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap and Doomsday were the only two teams to win all four of their games. Based on the tiebreaker survey, You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap edged out the win.


For more information on the format of this event, refer to the Team Mafia announcement thread.


Name of Game Type Moderator Winner
TM2020 - Large Theme - Gay Mafia IV Closed - Theme Sir Elton Hercules John Town
TM2020 Untrod Tripod Destroys Anime! Closed - Theme PenguinPower Town
Team Mafia 2020: Normal Game Closed - Normal implosion Mafia
White Flag - TM2020 Open - White Flag T-Bone Town
Team Mafia 2020: Open Setup Open - Doctor Lonely Micc Town


Rank Team Name Gay Mafia IV UT Destroys Anime Mini Normal White Flag Open W/L
1 You Over a
Disproportionately Small Gap
Almost50 jjh927 skitter30 Amrun 4-0
2 Doomsday panthaleon Vex Vience Chemist1422 Saudade tris OkaPoka 4-0
3 cancel food Ankamius the worst Dannflor Eddie Cane 3-1
3 Quick Attack Pink Ball chennisden Alisae CheekyTeeky wgeurts popsofctown 3-1
3 Old Hat Gammagooey hitogoroshi shos Plum KittyMo 3-1
3 The Lit Torches DeasVail Klick Bellaphant Cephrir 3-1
3 Tea Gathering Club Volpe14 ofhrz teacher pisskop 3-1
3 SubOptimal Math nomnomnom Iconeum Espeonage DrDolittle 3-1
9 the Four Horseman kuribo mastina Xtoxm Pine 3-1
10 Team "Team" Team Elements Flopz Thilbert Hopkirk Hectic 3-1
11 Busboy Revolution davesaz Reundo Gamma Emerald Formerfish Elsa Jay 2-2
11 Bird That Carries You Over a
Disproportionately Small Gap
Firebringer GuyInFreezer Bitmap RadiantCowbells northsidegal 2-2
11 DFKN Farkran Kerset Dongempire NaCl 2-2
14 The Marauders Dr. Easy Bake MathBlade Vorkuta BBmolla Joan of Arc Titus 2-2
14 Wild Cards Flavor Leaf Jingle RCEnigma Something_Smart 2-2
14 Derp Wolves Creature Volxen Aristophanes Auro Nancy Drew 39 2-2
14 Ripple's Krazy Mistress Dunn MariaR Shadoweh Dunnstral unwnd Krazy 2-2
18 Newb Kids on the Block EspressoPatronum Menalque gobbledygook bob3141 1-3