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Old Formatting

So I did some page reformatting. However, the old format may still have use, so I'm recording it here.

Reading Key

Variable's meanings
Name Role Outcome Results ID# Date1 Date2 Date3 Day/Nights Stars
Function Alignment and Role mastina's personal fate Game's victor Game's chronology Time mastina entered game time mastina left game Total time contributed Amount of total game present Personal rating of game

Mastina (talk) 04:12, 25 July 2017 (EDT)

DEFCON Mafia 4.0

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results ID#
DEFCON Mafia 4.0 Andrius Vanilla Townie/Missile Silo Nuked D4. Russian Victory 1
Start/End Date/Time/Present: Mon Nov 14, 2016 Fri Dec 09, 2016 1 month 9 days 4/5 days; 3/5 nights UNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
I always have a plan. Always.
Not my proudest moment. Though, notable: I was one of only two town players to nuke scum, and also one of only two players to be nuked by mafia. You take your victories wherever you can.

Star Wars Rogue One

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results ID#
Star Wars Rogue One Firebringer Encryptor/limited Treestump creator Survived D8. Imperial Victory 3
Start/End Date/Time/Present: Sun Jan 15, 2017 Thu Mar 30, 2017 2 months 15 days 8/8 days; 7/7 nights UNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
This is your scum show, not mine. Your scumteam. Not mine.
I had a dream-team of Pine-A-Tonics (hydra of Pine and TheRealGin-N-Tonic), Aeronaut, and Titus when I replaced in. Winning was a given. Then we had strong town players replace in to make our lives difficult. We still managed to mislynch Thinker The Thinker (a hydra of ThinkBig and Aristophanes), but we were denied a spot on the rogue crew, so had to use Pine's special. We were doing well to dominate the game otherwise...until we learned that Drunken Piper had a guilty on our endgame player, Pine. That forced us to shift gears: rather than me being the expendable slot we would end up losing to a lynch, I became the one necessary to carry the game, and carry it I did. A very good scumgame, given the strength of the town players and what we were faced with. Among my key contributions: suggesting a Vanillaizer on BBMolla, who was one of the strongest town roles in the game. (And later in lylo, lynching him.)

The Mystery at King's Landing

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results ID#
The Mystery at King's Landing House Dayne Traitor/Odd-night Doctor Killed N1. Lannister Victory 10
Start/End Date/Time/Present: Mon Apr 10, 2017 Sat Apr 22, 2017 1 week 5 days 1/5 days; 1/4 nights UNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
"Nooo, what are you doing?!"
My debut as House Bolton. Literally the strongest game I've ever played--not just as mafia, EVER as ANY game; I've never played better than I did this game. Unfortunately, because of House Tully's fakeclaim, my team believed him to be their traitor. I did literally everything in my power to signal it was me (literally half my iso is breadcrumbs upon increasingly less subtle breadcrumbs, culminating in me directly talking to my scumbuddy and telling them to their face my plan), and I even did blatantly traitor-like things: I counterclaimed a town role in a sketchy manner, and forced the lynch through in a scummy way, all with the aim of letting them know, "DON'T FUCKING SHOOT ME!"
...They fucking shot me.
In spite of my inconsistent deliberately-vague claim, in spite of my backtracking, they still blindly accepted I could only somehow be truthful town and so I died, dooming my faction to death because they chose literally the worst possible night actions they could make. (No, seriously, there is not a single way they could have fucked their night actions up more than they did. When I say they made the absolute worst possible move, I mean they made the absolute worst possible moves.)

Consolation prize: I did more to help my faction win in a single day phase then the rest of my team did the whole game, because literally every single mislynch the game was a direct result of me, from D1 to after my death where my interactions lynched House Arryn and House Stark, with House Martell close behind.

Ah, well. It still served as my baseline for revamping my play: every game, I'm attempting to hold myself to the standards and posting style I invented for this game, so in that regard it is a very important, noteworthy game. (It also marks the first scum game on mastina I have lost, albeit, for reasons I obviously could not control.)

Kingdom Hearts

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results ID#
Kingdom Hearts Heartless Doublevoter Survived D4. Town Victory 15
Start/End Date/Time/Present: Fri Jun 09, 2017 Tue Jul 18, 2017 1 month, 9 days 4/4 days; 3/3 nights UNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
And for the record. I hate this role with a bloody passion. It's even worse than what I was fakeclaiming. I'd rather legit be voteless than be what I am.
An okay game considering the circumstances. I had a role I loathe, and was having incredible trouble keeping up with the game. Still, while I did have a brief period of insanity townreading him, by and large I locked onto mhsmith0 correctly as scum, as well as having Oversoul consistently across the whole of his presence as scum. The Shiro slot I went back and forth on, though, and the Not_Mafia slot was something I didn't really think was scum even though I was rather willing to lynch it anyway. Overall not a bad game, but also not a stellar game. One of my main contributions was being a part of the townbloc, but even there I wasn't exactly the spearhead, though I did do my best to not let it fall apart.

Mastina (talk) 02:53, 25 July 2017 (EDT)

Additional Game

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results ID#
DoY I: British Monarchy Mafia Aristophanes Vanilla Townie Killed N1. Mafia Victory 9
Start/End Date/Time/Present: Mon Mar 27, 2017 Fri Apr 14, 2017 2 weeks 3 days 1/4 days; 1/3 nights UNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
I'd prefer not to draw parallels to camn's revenge, Gin.
After all. If this game is the next camn's revenge. That doesn't bode too well to our chances of
winning it, now, does it?
This was a three-headed Hydra with Nachomamma8 and TheRealGin-N-Tonic named The Wood Cutters. I got hit with real-life suck, but near the end of the day we got to coordinate and were on track to locking down the scumteam. We knew havingfitz was a mislynch. We had basically half the town as fairly strong, confident townreads. We were communicating and beginning efforts to coordinate. We also had locked onto Cloudkicker as one of the scum, with Empking not far from sight. Of course, it was too little, too late; we did this when D1's deadline was less than 24 hours away, so there simply wasn't time to get town cohesion strong enough to swing things onto scum. For our troubles, though, we ate the nightkill...and were even strongmanned. (Better yet, the doctor would've successfully protected us otherwise!) Not bad for a VT. Sadly, we...kinda were needed for the victory to materialize, as after our death, the town basically imploded.

Check statistics.

I don't just mean my subpage for game statistics; I know those are out-of-date. What I mean is the Total Statistics, along with the Large Theme and Mini Theme statistics that I have listed on the main page. Their numbers are somewhat-sketchy at the moment and I pride myself in trying to keep an accurate, up-to-date wiki. I am in a bit of a rush right now, however, so while I want to, a note here will have to suffice.
I want to have a total lookover: Wins, Losses, Killed, Lynched, Games, Winrate, both factions and in total. (I also haven't bothered to update the game life/day life statistics so need to do those, too.)

Mastina (talk) 19:50, 25 November 2017 (EST)

About adding Steven Universe 2

I decided to add Steven Universe 2 to my list of games as a "zeroeth game": an honorary, unofficial mastina game. The game will not be counted for statistical purposes (which you can tell by as of the time of this writing still having only 8 town large theme games for 12 total large theme games), nor for the purposes of achievements. I am listing it purely to have it recorded in some form, given that it is pertinent to 2017 (the year mastina really took off as an account) and would not be so otherwise given my lack of record for mastin2. It felt appropriate for me to add, because while I played it entirely on mastin2, Steven Universe 2 represented the birth of mastina as I currently am, and the evolution in my play and philosophies guiding it can be witnessed with time. No other game holds that honor, and I felt it necessary to mention it somewhere.
Mastina (talk) 19:52, 1 January 2018 (EST)