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The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash

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A forum on MafiaScum for playing all games that are not Mafia. Some games played there are severe Mafia Mutations, (such as Conspiracy Mafia or Inner Circle) but most are completely unrelated (such as Ready Aim Fire).

This forum is moderated by the Mish Mash List Moderator, CuddlyCaucasian. The List Moderator does upkeep with the Mish Mash Game List, which lists all current games. They will also move old, no longer in use game threads to an archived area, Sens-O-Tape Archive.


  • This is a reference to The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy, in which the whole sort of general mish mash "is the sum total of all the different ways that exists of looking at things, or more specifically, all the different probabilities that exist through which you could look at things."

Modding Mish Mash

  • Modding Mish Mash game require NO experience. However, it is recommended that you start with small games, if you are new to the forums, so that frequent Mish Mashers can get to trust you.

Other Mish Mash Notables

  • There is a separate queue within the Mish Mash called the Large Social Game Queue, which is used for the organization of larger social based games like Survivor and Big Brother. Very commonly, these games are anonymous and usually range around 18-24 players. This queue is moderated by the Other Forum Games List Mods.
  • The Mish Mash Replacement List is a pinned topic where any Mish Mash game moderators may ask for replacements. Just make a post in the thread asking for a replacement and for what game the replacement is needed.
  • Mish Mash Scummies are a set of awards given to exceptional Mish Mash mods and players. If you have noticed an excellent player or moderator in the mish mash community, feel free to nominate them in the pinned Mish Mash Scummies topic!

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