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Systematically Make Others Lose

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This game, so far, has only been played once here. The winner of this game was bird1111

Text from original game:

SMOL is a really simple game - each round, the players pick one person who will not win, and when only one person remains, they win.

There's just this one thing, though: players who have lost keep their vote.

Each round will last until one player has 5 votes on them, at which point that player is a loser. Then the game continues on to the next round. Any players may talk to any other players at any time, even if one of them has already lost.

Win friends, backstab enemies, but always in moderation - they'll continue to haunt you forever

Game 1 Statistics

Code: Italics = Eliminated In Prior Round, Bold = Eliminated this round

Elimination 1

skitzer: bird1111, orangepenguin, A_Squirrel, Crazy, MafiaSSK
Crazy: empking
empking: Crazy
orangepenguin: skitzer
A_Squirrel: pacman281292

Not voting: ShadowLurker

Elimination 2

Crazy: empking, ShadowLurker, bird1111, pacman28129, MafiaSSK
empking: Crazy
Bird1111: skitzer
ShadowLurker: orangepenguin

Not voting: A_Squirrel, Crazy

Elimination 3

MafiaSSK: ShadowLurker, orangepenguin, pacman28129, bird1111, Crazy
Bird1111: skitzer

Not voting: A_Squirrel, empking, MafiaSSK

Elimination 4

pacman28129: ShadowLurker, bird1111, Crazy, orangepenguin, MafiaSSK
bird1111: A_Squirrel, Skitzer, pacman28129
ShadowLurker: empking

Not voting: No one

Elimination 5

empking: ShadowLurker, bird1111, orangepenguin, pacman28129, Crazy
orangepenguin: MafiaSSK
bird1111: A_Squirrel
ShadowLurker: empking
A_Squirrell: Skitzer

Not Voting:

Elimination 6

A_Squirrel: bird1111, Crazy, ShadowLurker, MafiaSSK, pacman281292
Shadowlurker: Empking, orangepenguin, A_Squirrel

Not Voting: Skitzer

Elimination 7

orangepenguin: bird1111, ShadowLurker, Skitzer, MafiaSSK, Crazy
bird1111: pacman281292, A_Squirrel

Not Voting: Empking, orangepenguin

Elimination 8 (Finals)

Shadowlurker: Crazy, Empking, A_Squirrel, orangepenguin, bird1111

Bird1111 (Winner!!!!): Everyone else